Entities (Customers) Problem (SOLVED)

Dear @emre, this is teh third attempt to add a customer…I do add it, I create the account, as you can see in the screen…

but as soon as I try to locate it to add a ticket in his account…

could you please tell me what step am I missing or doing wrong?



Is that customer available to that entity screen? Remember the issue you had with the tables.

how do I make a customer available to a entity screen?
I remember tables issue, it was because tables whas renamed to tables XXXX… but customers is not renamed, both venues use the same customers…



@gerlandog, can you check the Entity Type Settings

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Especially State Filter setting should be empty since you don’t need to filter customers by their entity state.

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Thanks @Emre, State filter did the trick, now I dont kow why I had it set up…



Keep in mind that new Entities will not have an Entity State state defined so they will not show up even if your State Filter has Available in it.
Once an Entity has been used, then its State will be Available.

You may have noticed this when adding new Tables - they are not White until after the first time you have used that table.

YES, I remember that now that I read your post… the strange thing is that i dont remember to have set up the filter, but… again… i dont remember a lot of things!!!