Entity - Automatically setting a Custom Field

Hello everybody,

Let’s say I have an entity Customers with 2 custom fields:

  • Type of ID : I need it for programing purpose.
  • Name of ID : ID, passport, etc … to be entered by the waiter.

Both fields are linked:

Is there a simple way so that the waiter chooses for instance Name of ID= PASAPORTE, and that Type of ID is setup to 7 “automatically”?

If not, is it possible to display a popup when the waiter clicks on New Customer OR Modify Customer?
The popup would display the different choices; Once the choice is made, it would setup both custom fields.


You can use program setting to set one then in a rule read that and match it then set the other if matched.

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Seccong kendash, not in field settings but through automation would be pretty simple.
On ticket entity changed check if field 1 is empty, if so use ask question to set it and then set second field dependent on selection

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