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HI Emre first i would like to say loving the new version and gladly paid for it for all the hard work you and the leaders do… Fantastic piece of work. I have a few but the one i could do with most of all is displaying customer names on Entity Button widget on Entity Screen floor Plan i have managed to get it on Entity Grid Widget but the other one has me Stumped. Once again Fantastic Software. Thankyou ALL

It is long and we realize it may be hard to work through right now, We are working to make that easier but take a look at the V5 features thread most of the new features are documented there with some examples. Over the next few days/weeks we will try hard to transfer as much constructive discussions and tutorials as we can from the Beta discussions.

Something that might help you is the fact that Entity Buttons support various Printer and Report tags now. For example:

Thank you for replying Kendash that is how i have it at the moment which is limited, I was looking at changing ENTITY NAME from say Entity Type-Tables to Entity Type-Customers so the ENTITY NAME changes from say Table 4 to Jesse on the Main Floor Plan, I Have tried using {ENTITY NAME:Customer} but doesn’t work. Oh and Kendash i have learnt a lot from you going through the Forum - Many Thanks to you and the Team. Just a Suggestion i Know Emre and the gang don’t do this for the money but it would be nice to have a $1 or Multiple Choice tip Button where we can give a small Money Tip if we find in the answer to a question as a Thank you, i know i will be willing to tip you or Emre or another leader as a Thank you…

Kindest Regards

Thank you but please dont tip me. You can make donation to project here if you ever wish.

Ok this is possible as well. One moment I will show…

Edit your Entity Buttons on your custom table layout entity screen. For Caption put the following:

Table: (ENTITY NAME}<linebreak/>Customer: {SETTING:{ENTITY NAME}}

Create an Update Program Setting action and fill it in as shown:

Update the default Update New Order Entity Color rule add the new action you just created and fill in the parameters as shown:

Update the default Ticket Payment Check rule insert the action you made and set it up as follows:
Important that it is sorted before Mark Ticket as Closed action

Try that and let me know how it works for you.


As you can see Kendash works a Treat - Thank You so Much…


For people who wondering other possibilities I’ve create a tutorial about this topic.


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