Entity Button - Help Please

Is it possible to change the ticket type of a particular entity? and if so how.

I have an entity screen that displays all of the tables in our restaurant , however I would also like to include 1 entity that when selected creates a different ticket type for over the counter sales. Therefore no order is required to go to the kitchen as this would be a simple sales transaction.

I have attached a screenshot to show the button I want to change. I have created a separate entity type called ‘sales’ and this button is within that ‘entity type’

been playing around and perhaps would be better to use an Auto Command Button? I’ve tried adding a button that ‘creates ticket’ but this will still pass the order to the kitchen and then require > ready > delivered states in order to close ticket. How do I make this so it is just a single payment transaction without workflow having to be followed ?

Many Thanks


You can create a separate department, set different ticket type and change Ticket Creation Method as Create Ticket

As a result you’ll have a separate button to make direct sales. You can even create different menu for that department.

HI @emre I have done this but this still creates an order with the kitchen - this would be for ready prepared items that are available and don’t require the work flow of Kitchen > Ready > Delivered

I would just need to select the item and settle - without the need to create kitchen order - make ready - deliver - etc

Thanks for your help