Entity Buttons link to Departments

So I have 3 departments Restaurant, Deliveries, Pickups.

I want to make the big buttons up top to link to these departments. Any way to do this? Or is there a way to make the bar at the bottom bigger? Even if i have to modify it manually.

As far as im aware that “bottom bar” is hard coded and cannot be changed/moved

Sorry but neither of those requests can be done at this time. In the future you may have more control over how you switch departments.

EDIT: I stand corrected I never noticed the footer adjustment. Thanks @emre for showing us that.

Try Local Settings > Display > Footer Height.

weve been proven wrong again lol

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I totally forgot to add “I’m using V3”, Damn windows XP can’t run V4.

I did manage to work around it, I just need to figure out a way to display two Entity types on one Screen. I need pickups and deliveries on the same screen.