Entity Custom Data Field alfanumeric Masks

How can i masks alfanumeric with space option?

I put "A"character as a mask but can not use space in the fields…

Masking is useful for formatted data like phone numbers, dates, e-mail addresses or postal codes. That’s all available options for V4 version. V5 allows using regular expressions to be used as mask.

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I want to set a limit alfanumeric character for address field because when i print some parts missing. Is there another way to print double lines for address?thanks

You can add fields like Address Line 1 & Address Line 2.

Or you can change field type to Wide String to display an edit box that allows multi line editing.

How to set for address line1 only to type 23 characters? when i put widestring and type 2 lines information only print the first line…, how to edit and allows multi line ?.thanks

Sorry such limitation is not possible.

You’re right. As all lines should start with a <x> tag it skips second line. You can try using a HTML printer and put it inside a <span> or <div> tag.

where should i put or div?could you explain me plz. thank!

In the printer template you can try formatting address tag like <span>{ENTITY DATA:Address}</span>