Entity Data format in Create Enitity Action

Hi everyone,

I am completely revamping original Gift Certificate tutorial with a different workflow. Basically instead of creating a random account I am actually scanning the card and typing in few things as program setting value.

I want to update Custom data which is Customer Name and few other things. Ive seen that you need to do it in Field1=Value1;Field2=Value2 but when I use actual entity data such as Customer Name=John Doe;Phone=0123456789 doesnt seem to apply that in custom field after the entity was created.

Am I missing something like <> ’ ’ () or something?

If you put multiple prompts on same rule it will show as a form type with all fields on one popup.

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Try defining the fields in the action.

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Solved it, format was alright there was something wrong with my rule and action order

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