Entity Grid color not changing when status change

I have added an entity grid and when I create an order or print the bill or settle, the color of the entity does not change. In v4 it is working good, in V5 I cannot make it work. If I use just entity buttons, the individual buttons work right. What am I doing wrong?

Have you set display state for entity screen?

Yes I did:

OK, so can you show the rule that should change the entity state?

There are not too many differences between V4 and V5 on Entity Screen configurations and it should just work fine. Can you PM me a backup?

Edit: Link removed as requested by pm

Check the Entity Grid Settings … ensure you have specified the Entity Type and Display State in the Widget settings.

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Button color changes when I create an order. Can you explain the issue in more detail?

The one you are looking at is using the automatic view in the entity screen. Change view mode to custom, add the entity grid widget in design mode and then disable the design mode and test.

I have checked what @QMcKay said and it is working. Thanks, looks like in my v4 implementation this setup comes automatically and in v5 I have to set it up by my self.