Entity Rooms for Hotel System

I was wondering can i make an entity called room with the following features.

  1. Create have a button for Check in (will act as Print Bill) when clicked the room will change colour.

  2. Create a button for Check Out (When clicked will act as close it will free the room change to white)

  3. Allow booking ie when one opens a table it changes to yellow.

4.Link a customer to a particular room

5.Or display a message box to type the customer details or any other particulars, .

6, Using the kitchen display setup ( Kitchen Display V2 - Courses & Seats )
be able to show the customers booked in ie room number and details that were captured.?

That is what i am working on, anyone with more ideas please share with me i believe samba pos can stretch that extra mile.
Room Number/ Names

Boarding types( Need to rethink this: The boarding types should hold prices can i use tags??)

I need it to work in a way that when i pick a room like simba it comes with the boarding type and the price attached.

then i can pick a customer assign the customer to that particular room.

Update Using the quick action ie guest count to assign ie tea or coffee to a particular table depending on the guest count can i use the same to assign a particular board type to a room?

In a Hotel System I see following problems:

  1. Guests stay for many days at a time, thus you will not be able to use Work Periods, which may difficult your accounting and reports.

  2. Reservations, hotel systems allow you to manage reservations and book rooms, play around with schedule and know when you have rooms and when not.

But hey, I’ve seen impressive things with Samba POS, never know what we can do if we think a bit about it :stuck_out_tongue:

Why can’t you use work periods? You don’t have to use tickets to book rooms. Tickets can just be generated to pay. Room can be entities and we can do a lot with entities outside tickets. Including occupancy states, duration of state , many other things.

Well, guess I am completely wrong there?

Thank you for pointing that one out!

We also have log entity state action and full reporting around it. I really see no reason why someone couldn’t build a very nice hospitality setup with sambapos