Entity Screen Error

I have created a Manager Functions Entity Screen,
However when I was changing some of the buttons in design mode I got an error from the system.

SambaMFerr.zip (2.6 KB)

I have no idea what is goign on but as soon as I close the message that [pops up I get another little pop up which closes the whole program and is too fast for me to read.

Looks like relates with one automation command button’s color setting.

Yes was trying to make one of the buttons grey,
Can’t access that screen anymore so should I just make a new screen for this instead and delete old.

You can fix it in the database using MSSMS just delete the widget from database or correct its color.


@Keval_Patel I am intrigued to see your take on this idea… I was contemplating attempting something along those lines but not got round to it.
Any chance you could upload a screenshot :smile:

@JTRTech I shall upload one later, basically, the manager entity screen is only available to me (owner/manager) and each of the supervisors I have.
It’s just the gp like balancing floor, opening cash drawer for none order related reasons and petty cash, enter and balancing floats for each till.
I am still figuring out what other functions I would require.

As I use samba software for hardware I provide to clients I am slowing putting together a ‘daddy’ of systems with kitchen order, bar orders, maybe kitchen display and all sorts of features configured but setup a management screen to easily enable/disable feature sets.
I was thinking of making a ‘management screen’ with buttons for changing some settings like happy hour start/end discount , enable kitchen prints bar orders etc and so on.
Would be a bit job but would mean I will have a base install which can easily be changed for each environment depending on features required…
Its still a long way off even starting, still working it out in my head LOL

If you manage to figure out how to toggle happy hour on and off from an entity screen, please let me know, Its currently on my to do list.

Happy hour ON/OFF would be relitivly easy, got that one sussed, times would be more interesting :smile:
You would want an automation command which updates a program setting say HappyHourStatus with value say ON or OFF and add a constraint to the rule of {SETTING:HappyHourStatus} == ON (excuse the tags, may not be 100% without checking my notes might be {:Setting… )
Was looking to replicate a similar toggle setting from another software which enables/disables receipt printing, ie prints receipt for every payment while printer setting is ON.

With V5 we can also utilise the panel formatting function to base colour/value of button based on the current setting value aswell :smile: