Entity Search Button disappears based on Setup

Hi @emre

Due to me transparently linking 2 Entities together to have access to more than 1 Account, I have caused a little design fault in my setup.

Basically I did not want a “Select Bar Entity” button on the Ticket Screen as these Accounts once created should always be linked. However I required to still edit the 2nd Entity to create an Entity and then Create the account for manual operations.

GIF explaining what occurs:

House Wallet (Bar Entity Screen)

Can I get around this Emre?

Oh I should include this Ticket Mapping:

So you really dont have a Bar Entity? Its House Wallet entity? Maybe Emre will understand but i am totally confused what your asking.

Edit: ok now i think i see it. Your referring to the point where you hit save right? It did not go back to the correct entity screen. Right?

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Yes Bar Entity=House, I just renamed the button header as it made more sense to the Club.

I am fairly sure the reason for the behavior is because there is no link to the ticket for that Entity. We could probably think of an alternative flow to edit those but maybe @emre will be able to implement a trick or two?

lol… Did you mapped Bar entity screen to Customer Entities? When you finish editing an entity SambaPOS will display entity screens mapped to edited entity type. I mean when you edit a customer it displays entity screens mapped to customer entity… but, for example if you force a customer entity screen to map to Table Entities and if there is no entity screen for tables you’ll see nothing after editing a table. You can try configuring an additional entity screen for that entity type but I don’t know how it can be properly configured for your case. You should try that.

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Yes that is exactly what I did.

I think I have tried that with no success early on. Obviously I am trying to assimilate that both Entities are joined and therefore the Accounts are also joined. Having a “Select Button” for Bar Account is undesired as I do not wish for the operators to change this.

I know yo get this @emre but here is the concept that “sort of” works now:

If you have any great ideas that pop up, please let me know.

What do you expect it to do after editing a bar entity?

Just go “Back” to Display “All Customers”, “Customer Tickets” and 'House Wallets".

It will appear if you create a Bar Wallet entity screen that contains a customer list widget. It is basically the reverse of what you did for bar entity screen.

Not sure if I understand you as I have a Entity Screen Bar Account? But how or where do I fit a Customer List Widget?

Or are you suggesting a bit more polish on the screen to have a scrolling Customer List that then can edit a bar Account?


You have a Customer Entity Screen that Contains a Bar Wallet editor widget right? Rest a little than… Create a new Bar Wallet entity Screen and place a Customer entity widget in it. That screen will appear after you edit a bar wallet entity.

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Thank you for clearly explaining that - I will take your advice on both counts and get some sleep. As it is 1.20am I will implement and test in the morning.

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