Entity Search Screen not showing results

In my Customer Search, I can’t seem to find my Customer in the entity search.

The results are always empty.

The expected output should be

I have the same setting configuration in the entity screen and entity type as the expected output settings.

Thanks in advance!

It says Customer Exists. That means an entity named 123 already exists but it probably have a different entity type. For example if you already have a table named 123 you’ll get the same message.

It does seem to be under Customers.

Is there some setting that I have to change? I think I might have fiddled around with the name and phone attributes, and now, it won’t work. No results ever show up for my Customer search. Even though I have several entities to test.

Check if Customer Search Entity Screen assigned to correct entity type.

I’ve been experimenting, and I might’ve discover something.
Is it just me, or when I install SambaPOS with sample data, the customer search don’t work. While if I didn’t check the sample data option, the customer search works?

Thats just you. You have a configuration issue we are trying to help you figure it out. Sorry we dont have a direct this is what it is answer but its hard to get those when we dont know your system. Detailed screenshots might help us.