Entity to print two kitchen tickets


Am new here

I have a different entity for takeaway orders, need to make it print two kitchen tickets orders

Kindly advise


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This is very helpful, many thx

@Tammam today I noticed an error report that probably sent by you. If it was you and if it is possible can you create a backup from Management > Database Backups and PM me the generated zip file? I’d like to check something.

Actually it was a mistake by me not creating a Tax account, but later I entered to the forum and got it

Am new here and I found the forum very helpful, I know how to make a back up but don’t know the res of what you mentioned, pls make it simple and I will be happy to do it!

Will do a backup now

PM (private message) a copy of you backup by clicking on emre avatar and clicking message.

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Got it, thanks:slight_smile:

Thank you very much for the backup. That was exactly what I needed to know. Seems like you resolved it. However I noticed there is an issue on your tax setup.

Your tax transactions currently credits Cash Account and Debits tax account.

However on default setup it will be better to Credit Tax Account and Debit Receivables account. So that will be a better setup.

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Many thanks, will change it now

How can I make the printer do tow kitchen tickets instead of one, am not able to grasp it

Kind regards

Change “Copies” parameter for related “execute print job” action.