Epson Print Issue - Random Shifting

Hey guys, I have 2 epson printers (bought new TM-T20iii and an M30ii) and 2 non epson printers (munbyn off amazon)

For some reason my epson printers will shift lines during printing.

I use HTML templates, but it happens on both my kitchen and customer templates. This only happens on the epson printers.

Has anyone else run into this issue?

That typically happens if you use gloriafood tablet to print orders and then use html template with sambapos on same printer. Would this be the case?

There is no way to fix that unless you use integration and turn off print from tablet

I’ve also seen some advanced html templates cause that.

Thanks for the reply. I do have it printing the gloria food tickets. I will test it out to see if it could be that. I also am going to revisit my template, it could probably be simplified.

The gloriafood tablets wreck epson printing in html mode. It works if you restart the printer.

You could use the integration and print everything through sambapos

I removed gloria foods from one of the printers and it worked. That very interesting. I wonder what could cause this.

Gloriafoods app causes it with how they are using the printer. It triggers a mode that it wont automatically come out of.