Error after upgrading 4.0.4

After upgrading from 4.0.4 again error when you put a ticket required tag.
You have to go to 4.0.3 and restore a database prior to 4.0.3
I take this opportunity to segnalache that when it is deleted in a transaction “accont transaction” error and the program crashes.
both v3 and on v4
Even with a period of open job.

hi @spanky. I’ve tested ticket tags and required tags are working fine for me. That might be a different issue. Can you submit error reports?

I have already sent signal by software.
as I finish the work I take a test and send error.

I saw your error report. It seems you are using and old database. You need to upgrade to latest V3 version before opening V4.

I used the database on v3.0.34,
Then I switched to 4.0.3 and it worked
after upgraded to 4.0.4 no longer works
I had to restore v4.0.3 with database v3.0.34

OK. can you e-mail me your database backup?

of course! which email?

@spanky thank you for the backup. I’ve fixed it and uploaded new version.