Error database v3 in v4

I tried to use the database v3 on v4

The server to send error returns “error 404”.

The problem is this:

if I try to open a table the software crashes

if I open a table from the ticket I opened the table, and then I can work on other tables.

as I close the program and reopen it always gives me error and software crashes

I hope to be of help

404 error will be fixed on next release.

You’ll need to install latest V3 version to be able to use a V3 database with V4. Also renaming a SQL Server database is a little tricky. Just renaming database would not work since you’ll need copy and rename physical MDF files.

You’ll be able to change database name from connection string on next release.

I noticed that the error from the ticket if you add a tag, which is required prior to the opening of the table. If you take away the ticket tag the database by mistake.
The error from the database with the default

Thanks! I found it. It will be fixed on next release.