Error message when connected to the server

I get the following error message when I am connected to my server and try to backup my data base. Is this something I did wrong?

May I assume your running SambaPOS4? Using a CE database. Why not SQL Server. Need some more info about your configuration and setup.

Yes sorry sambapos4. I set up the 2014 sql server. I then converted my ce over to sql. I was able to open and run sambapos4 but am not able to backup the database

Can you do a screenshot of you database connection settings - just to confirm?

This is my connection string and the server name

Which version of Windows are you running 8.1??
Try just to create a new folder on the C drive [c:\backup] and have there your backup placed. Give the folder R/W rights.

Yes windows 8.1. I created a file in c drive and this is what it said

Are you sure you have R/W permissions on this folder, Windows 8.1 is strange with there securities.
You have to create the folder first in Windows.

You can use any location if you add permissions, see this post

It says full access.

OK you have full access but - as sql server service taking backups- the user account running sql server service should also have access to that folder. It is a little tricky. The best solution will be setting up your backup folder somewhere under [MyDocuments] folder.

I am still getting the same error message.

Self explanatory SQL server does not have permission. Try another hard drive if you have it or try external media.

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