Error printing randomly

My client have 5 computer, with 8 printer network.
The problem, i get error printing randomly at random printer network. After i clear error, printing work good. It happen 3 or 4 time each weeks at random computer.
I set print to kitchen or bar at rule before ticket close.

I don’t know its windows, or printer, or sambapos problem.
So i must clear each error happen

It’s probably a network issue. My guess is its not finding the printer due to intermittent network problem.

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My connection use cat 6, and i tested all network is fine. And not yet error log about what happen.
Example till A there is 3 order for 3 printer network (kitchen, bar and checker captian).
Till B there is same order to 3 same printer network.
The problem just till A not print to kitchen printer, and sucessful print to bar and checker captian printer. Till B print all succesful to 3 printer network.

Also check your printer mappings maybe you mapped by terminal. :slight_smile:

Yes it mapped by each terminal, every thing work good, but sometimes randomly error printing happen at random terminal dan printer.
The problem solve just clear all error printing queue.
But can happen again.
When problem happen, i am not at customer site. And i try to produce this error not yet happen.

I have other client with 2 printer network, never happen like this error.

I think may be i used 8 printer network so this cause.

I had a similar problem with one of my printers from time to time, it’s a network issue rather than a sambapos issue.
Easily solved by switching printer off then back on again so it resyncs with the network - I do this just before opening every day and haven’t had problems since.

If there are ethernet printers please be sure there is no IP address conflicts. It will be a good idea to setup a distinct static IP address manually for each printer.

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All printer use ethernet printer bixolon srp 350iii. all static ip adrress was set manually for printer and computer.
I use unmanaged switch d-link 16 port.

Also then check that any DHCP on the network has a range specified which doesn’t clash with any chosen static ranges