Esd Aclass Integration

How do i integrate Aclass Esd virtual printer?

You need to provide more details. What exactly is that and what’s is it for?

If there is information online, please provide a link.

Electronic signature device

What kind of documents do you want to sign,i tried to use the A-Class to sign receipts but it didn’t work for me.The Esd could not split the signature in two lines.
A class ESD is ideal for signing A4 kind of documents like an invoice.
I recommend you use Signature Plus,micrelec or Pergsign. They will work best

So it’s printing to a fiscal printer. It’s not something I have ever had to use, but I know similar questions with solutions have been asked on the forum in the past. Do a search for “fiscal” and you can probably find some previous solutions.

Aclas ESD wont work with Receipt printing only A4

Thank you but it worked

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Hi Sammy,you mean you managed to interface with Aclas ,kindly share what you did and the ticket template

Hello Muthoga. Will send you the template shortly

You can also reach me on 254727451782 on how i did Aclass Integration