Event "Order Added to Ticket" question

Dear @emre, I am facing a problem here.
I am trying to define my promotion (Pizza + 1 LT beverage during week days). For this I defined two actions:

  1. Activate Promo Action: (changes price list to promo price list)

  2. DeActivate Promo Action (changes price list back to normal)

  3. Defined two RULES to execute both actions when necesary…
    3.A) first rule to execute ACTIVATE PROMO ACTION

3.B) second rule to exexute DEACTIVATE PROMO ACTION

The situation I am facing here is that the ACTION is “ORDER ADDED to TICKET”, but unfortunatelly for me, this events is executed BEFORE the order is addes, and not after the order is added…

So, in this case, the activation actions executes good, activates the price list… but the DEACTIVATE action executes inmediatelly after, prior adding products, so the price list changes to PROMO and as soon as I click in a PROMO ITEM the price list changes back to normal list and then adds the product, adding the product with the normal price list and not the promo price list…

Could you be so kind and point me in the right direction so I can execute the DEACTIVATE action after the prodcut has been added to the ticket and not before?



I think you should try Update Order action instead. When Order Added to Ticket rule executes test promotion condition and if it meets execute Update Order action. This action accepts Price List value and it changes order price if you entered a price for that product in that price list. If you use Update Order action it will work for just for that order so you won’t need to deactivate it.

If you can give more details about how do you expect your promotion to work we may find an easier solution.

PS: @JohnS while typing that I thought instead of using triggers you can use same mechanism to implement happy hour. Parsing date and using as a rule constraint will solve the issue.

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Dear @emre, I managed to make it work, but its not doing what I intended to do…
the Update Order is changing price list, and changes the price list for the items that you added as the rule executes, but not for the next ones… (see the promo word before price!!!)

What I need is that if the condition
day of the week MON thru FRI
Menu Item Group Code equals Pizza
change price list to PROMO

wait for one product to be added


change price list back to normal…

I think we are almost there… at least I could make the price list change, that is GREAT!!!



Dear @emre could you help me out please?

THANKS!!! for your time!!!


@gerlandog I’ll prepare a detailed tutorial for your case but it might need few modifications for next release so I’ll do it as soon as I’ll finish my current task.

OOOOOOO, that would be great… THANKS!!! and sorry to had you work so much and bother you so much!!!