Excel file to sambapos

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Pretty sure there is more basic way to achieve what your aiming for which presumeably is a formatted yaml import string?

I created a link string in a spreadsheet to reference scanned invoices in this way.

Sure you can add strings in between, if not just use a seperate open, between and end set of cells and add the usuall $ in front of row and columns of cell reference to keep the reference static when dragging filling the formulas.

Just read further down and you just join cells with & and combine string/char & and wrap with quotes

hello all,

I am using Batch Creator in Batch Entity Editor to import the customer details please have a look in the screen print, its imported wrong, anyone can help

Look at the syntax example above the input box…

You set entity type and fields as CSV then each entity and details on a single line in CSV.
If missing a field on an perticular entity you would need to still put comma with nothing between just like normal CSV.

Yah, the problem is that your Data is not in the Format that is indicated you need to use:

that’s so complicated, sometimes I regrate that I use this program to manage my restaurant, I really value everyone supports but most of the time I don’t know what’s going on

Suite yourself.
It’s not complicated, you just don’t understand.
If you understood what you were doing you would realise all you need to so is do a simple table in excel and save as CSV and copy the raw CSV into that box.

The way you were entering it you might as well just create the entities one by one!

What are you showing?
A colum should be a1 as #Customers
Then going down would be the entity name, so if entity name / primary field is customer name it would be ther rather than c/d column as you have.

(Hash#)Customers,Phone,Address,etc. ---- hash causes title formatting on forum but (hash#) is representing just hash
John Smith,01234567890,1 Lapland,etc

The position in CSV is relative to the field name on first row.
With exception of a column which is the entity type in A1 and entity name in the a column as this is not a custom field.

It’s not complicated, CSV is just a string equivilent of a table where comma is indicator on next column.

There no need for concat or anything fancie, layout as described above, save as CSV then open in text editor and you’ll have block of CSV lines to import.

Nobody is forcing you to use it. If its not working for you then you may not want to use it. Sometimes when things are new to us we think it is complicated that is natural and I totally understand that. Just ask yourself why your using SambaPOS and if its simply because it was cheap then you may want to look into other options because SambaPOS is not a typical POS.


Honestly thats not very professional to say. SambaPOS is very easy to setup if you have basic logic in following tutorials. We have so much stuff documented step by step. Thousands of people set it up all every year.

What you meant to say is that you would rather pay $1000s in licensing fees because you dont want to invest the time to slowly learn how to set it up. There is atleast 10 of us with multiple years experience that come on here daily just to help support the new members like yourself in the community, many times offering exact step by step tutorial images to your custom requests. Ill bet you cant find support like this anywhere else even if you pay thousands in support costs.

Take your time to learn and set up samba and you wont regret it in the end. Elsewise fork out thousands of dollars on a system that wont accomplish 10% of the things you can with samba. But it will all be done for you.


@Jesse and all sorry its amazing programme but sometimes I don’t know what’s going on

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Yes it can be challenging to learn at first but it’s such a powerful pos it is totally worth the time to learn it.


I found the solution, the problem was the character “,” which I replaced with “;” And was solved.


please its just one day off I have a week its Tuesday, anyone can write me how to import one record in one line using batch creater please have a look to

This is not relate to this topic.
If you just search Batch Create Entities you will find it here

In your case using customer name as primary field:
#Customers,Phone,Address,PostCode,Street,Town,County,Distance,Point John Doe,123-456-7890,123 Main Street,10000,My Street,My Town,My County,10,1 Jane Doe,123-456-7891,1234 Main Street,10000,My Street,My Town,My County,11,1 and so on....

Is it too complicated? It is so simple, create header to match your CSV data that all you need.

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I applied your formula in excel but it’s only choosing one row according to formula so when I drag it to the bottom items and then pressing enter its not formatting the data.
Do I have to apply formula on each row one by one?
I have 15000 items :frowning:

It’s formatting only one row when I press enter before dragging to the bottom but it’s formatting fine.

Highlight the CELL that contains the CONCATENATE formula.

Grab the bottom-right of that CELL and drag straight down in the Column to copy the formula to all Rows.