Except for the main server computer, other computers will need either?

SambaPOS installed (and configured to use the main computer’s database)
or an RDP client installed on them to login to SambaPOS on the main computer.

So which one would you recommend me to use, i meant which one is recommended to use.

am newbie for SambaPOS, am not installed and practice yet but still finding enough information about the software and installation process.

thank you in advance. ?

are we talking about wireless? OR Ethernet connection?

just for performance point of view. which scenario is higher reliable and good performance. ?

can you answer my question first? Are you using wireless or Ethernet?

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@kendash Im not sure is this is what he is trying to ask but I have been thinking myself recently about which would be better over WIFI…
Have you used tablets on wifi, do you use RDP or windows tablet with local?

My thought was that is you were using tablets and had an option on a good windows tablet and having samba locally or a decent android/ipad with rdp over wifi which would work better…
Locally would probably be cleaner however my thought would be if you were to get wireless interference the RDP connection might slow or close but its probably quicker to reconnect RDP than to close samba from a connection based crash and restart samba, also if RDP lost connection when reconnecting Samba would be in the exact screen/position as before the network issue.

This thought has come to mind after being asked by a large wholesale wherehouse if I had a system they could use for checkout and after talking we were thinking as because the goods are ‘picked’ by staff and brought to the collection bay that using local samba install on a win 7/8 tablet with usb bar code scanner would mean they could scan items in as they go rather than having to handle the items a second time ringing them in at a terminal before moving to collection bay.
However given that its a large whorehouse wifi signal may be patchy is places…

Following a similar point, anyone using tablets with multiple access points, have they ever had any issues ‘roaming’ between access points on the same network with same SSID and security settings. The settings work that you can in essence roam between them but anyone had any experience with this using Samba?


I use local setup. V5 has nice reconnect feature.

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Ahh yes, remember now the mention of the reconnect feature in V5 :smile:
Local would be preferable as couple hopefully connect a usb bar-code scanner and use it to scan as the items are ‘picked’

i would be using wireless with windows tablets, so i have two options either to install windows tablets with sambaPOS and connect to server’s MSSQL database (remote database) or to connect directly to server with RDP assistance.

In my tests if you can configure a strong wifi system then local install is much more affordable and very reliable especially with the soon to release v5 and its reconnect feature. I do not trust the Multiple RDP connection hack for several reasons 1. its a hack and microsoft has shown they will patch it… 2 I dont want to stop getting updates in fear of the hack getting patched. So to setup a real RDP system with correct licenses its very expensive.

I would rather spend a quarter of that price on a good business class router and go with local installs. Thats my opinion.

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thank you very much very appreciated; your recommendation is to install SambaPOS to every computer and then connect to main Database.

Getting confused about RDP caused me to through away my IPAD and buy Windows Tablet(next book) can you please tell me how I can install SambaPOS4 on both computers and make the sambapos in tablet use the main database
Please step-by-step taking into account that I know nothing about networking.
any assistance will be highly and highly appreciated

Your asking for full tutorial of something thats already well documented which is not going to get you much support as it comes arross as your not trying to help yourself and just want someone to spend their time telling you what to do.
I dont mean for that so sound harsh or rude but will be why you haven’t had much response to your other posts asking similar questions. Bare in mind that people on the forum are not paid support staff but other Samba users who in comunity spirit spend time trying to help others :slight_smile: and many have most of their time tied up running their own business.

The networking side for RDP is very basic, virtually anyone with windows PC (Pro edition of windows) can easily RDP to it given a second device with RDP client. There is virtually no special networking knolage required other than to have the computers connected on the same network and to know the computers names or IP addresses.

If you offer more information about what you have tried and what your problem is I or someone else will offer you a solution but your question has no details which makes it hard to tell you what you need to do without spending hours going through every little aspect which could potentially be your issue.

For starters here is a forum topic which includes a 25 page PDF for full instructions for setting up RDP
It is an older tutorial written for v3 but RDP is a windows side configuration which will be the same regardless of Samba version.

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Thank you for your guidiance but I don’t have that resources I have been trying this for a couple of days but when you are new to the field only one mistake that you do will cause you fail the whole process
for now I want to use normal local database connection between two windows computers both installed Sambapos4, can you please give me separate tutorial for both main database configuration and the client configuration.

Your terminology is very confusing, if your using localDB you will not be able to have a shared database used by multiple terminals.
You want SQL express (free) and many tutorials on how to install and setup and then just install samba without localDB and point it to the SQL database which will give you what you want of two samba using same data.

Thank you now you can understand me
I did all the steps installed SQL server and Sambapos4 Configured its even in multiuser mode I did the Data Connection String from Test file and my Port is 8383 and started Client Now
after I did all that to the server what will I do to the Client computer to use the same database
Thank you for your time