Excluding Tax on To Go Orders? Take out Button on Entity screen?

Hello SambaPos Team.

Here is what I would like to have on my SambaPos.
1- Take out button on the entity screen
2- I want to exclude tax on To go Orders

I have try to add button with auto command, but I wasn’t successful to the entity screen.

is this idea possible please help Thank you.

  1. What do you want this Take out button to do?

  2. How are you defining To Go orders?

PS. Yes both are possible but your very vague we need more information to help you. Remember not every person sets up tax the same, not every person sets up To Go the same

I live in Dayton OH, and I have Classic American Diner Restaurant
Here in OH to Go orders are tax free for restaurants so

what I want is that I want option for my servers to choose on the entity screen that the order is either for Dine In or take out and I also want this trans. shown on the all tickets. Dine in - To go

What can I do? If you want some screenshots about my idea what I want to do. I can do that.

Thanks for your help!

It has to happen on entity screen and not when taking the order? So you do not have Dine In or To Go setup yet?

I am sorry that I cant explain my needs very clear, let me do some screenshots maybe that way I ll be able to explain my needs better

Thanks a lot for your time I appreciated.

so my Pos screen starts like this servers have to choose table to go ordering screen instead of this i want something like this

so giving them choose either tables for dine in or Take out orders

I also want no tax when they hit the take out button

i don’t know how helpful this images but basic dine in to go is on order screen but they have to pick table for going ordering screen instead of doing that they will choose take out button and directly go to the ordering screen with this tag will shown on all tickets informing kitchen its a to go order and exluding tax for the payment

what this helpful to understand my needs?

You may want to consider using a separate Department for To Go orders. Clicking the department button will take you straight into POS screen and not tables. You can also list the department on tickets and in reports.

If separate department is not an option ( I personally use Ticket Tags myself) then maybe we can create a button on your screen that will enter POS and automatically tag the order with To Go ticket tag which can then be printed on tickets and in reports.

The button you highlighted is Entity Screen titles. So obviously we may not be able to stick a button there. But we can put a button on your Tables Custom Entity Screen.

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Thank You Kendash i appreciated for your help i was actually playing around with it and i came across the idea of creating a new department for to go orders.

Thanks once again

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