Execute an action using Constraint

Can somebody please correct my work as you can see I’m trying to change order states based on the constraints which are dependent on the item tags but it doesn’t act on the rule just continues past it. I’m sure ive just typed it incorrectly.

Please Help.

The context of ticket closed rule is ticket but the constraint you’ve used (ITEM TAG) is order level tag. Instead of dealing with that you can separate them in advance while adding the order. For example you can handle order added event (Item tag will work here as it is an order level rule) and update state as New Food or New Drink. If you give more details about your case someone may recommend better workflow.

Can you explain how you plan to use those states?

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I use them to apply discount.

Use order tags to apply discount.

States are a powerful tool but if you mess with default state flow you can mess up the POS flow and break your system. For discounts most people prefer to use Order Tags. If you can explain in more detail how you plan to apply Staff Discounts we can recommend some tutorials to follow.

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