Existing Order Printing to Kitchen


  1. I need to Print in the kitchen if item added to existing order need to printing in the kitchen this order is existing order need to make it quickly ( Running Order ) how do i set this

You would need to change the print action to jot filter to new orders first.
Then work out your template to show existing, simplest would be to use order status which would show new and submitted for orders.

Thank you @JTRTech have any step by step guide ?

Pretty sure there will be topic very similar on forum if you search and have a dig arround.

i have created another close ticket button . while existing order is add new item the status will change to Running but when i use that not able to print Bill

Don’t mess with states if you don’t know what your doing, will royalty mess up reports.
You shouldn’t need to do anything to default state flow, its just manipulation of print automation.