Expense Reporting

I had to seperate some reports and i did something about them. Then i realized that expense report is kinda weird.
It works well but, It always shows positive values.
How can i make it to show negative values when cancel any Expense process ?

Can you show your report template?

[Sat─▒slar:1, 1]
{REPORT TICKET TYPES:!PreOrder && TotalAmount >= 0}

[Kasadaki Para:1,2, 1]
Nakit (Sat─▒┼člardan Gelen)||{ACCOUNT TRANSACTION TOTAL:├ľdeme Hareketi:Nakit}
Kredi Kart─▒ (Sat─▒┼člardan Gelen)||{ACCOUNT TRANSACTION TOTAL:├ľdeme Hareketi:Kredi Kart─▒}
Ticket||{ACCOUNT TRANSACTION TOTAL:├ľdeme Hareketi:Ticket}
Sodexo||{ACCOUNT TRANSACTION TOTAL:├ľdeme Hareketi:Sodexo}
Multinet||{ACCOUNT TRANSACTION TOTAL:├ľdeme Hareketi:Multinet}
Setcard||{ACCOUNT TRANSACTION TOTAL:├ľdeme Hareketi:Setcard}
Veresiye Nakit||{ACCOUNT TRANSACTION TOTAL:M├╝┼čteri Nakit ├ľdeme:Veresiye Nakit}
Veresiye Kredi Kart─▒||{ACCOUNT TRANSACTION TOTAL:M├╝┼čteri Kredi Kart─▒ ├ľdeme:Veresiye Kk}

[A├ž─▒k Hesaplar:1,2, 1]
A├ž─▒k Hesaplar||{REPORT PAYMENT TOTAL:(PT=M├╝┼čteri Hesab─▒)}

[Masraflar:1,2, 1]
Nakit Harcamalar─▒ || {ACCOUNT TRANSACTION TOTAL:Nakit Gider Hareketi:Nakit}
Kredi Kart─▒ Harcamalar─▒ || {ACCOUNT TRANSACTION TOTAL:Kk Gider Hareketi:Kredi Kart─▒}

[Net Kalan:3, 1]
Net Kalan-> Nakit|[=F(TN('{ACCOUNT TOTAL:Nakit}')+TN('{ACCOUNT TRANSACTION TOTAL:M├╝┼čteri Nakit ├ľdeme:Veresiye Nakit}'))]
Net Kalan-> Kredi Kart─▒|[=F(TN('{ACCOUNT TOTAL:Kredi Kart─▒}')+TN('{ACCOUNT TRANSACTION TOTAL:M├╝┼čteri Kredi Kart─▒ ├ľdeme:Veresiye Kk}'))]
Toplam|[=F(TN('{ACCOUNT TOTAL:Nakit}')+TN('{ACCOUNT TRANSACTION TOTAL:M├╝┼čteri Nakit ├ľdeme:Veresiye Nakit}')+TN('{ACCOUNT TOTAL:Kredi Kart─▒}')+TN('{ACCOUNT TRANSACTION TOTAL:M├╝┼čteri Kredi Kart─▒ ├ľdeme:Veresiye Kk}'))]

[Nakit Harcama Detaylar─▒:1,2, 1]

[Kredi Kart─▒ Harcama Detaylar─▒:1,2, 1]
{ACCOUNT TRANSACTION DETAILS:Kk Gider Hareketi:Kredi Kart─▒}

I actually cant post in a spoiler. IÔÇÖm not sure about the above template is right or not.

Select all text and click </> button. I fixed this one for you.


Instead of adding negative amount transactions wouldnÔÇÖt it be a better idea to define a new Transaction Type for corrections ?