Expenses and Payout to Do Cash Offset?

I think I’m getting the hang of Samba, but wanted to check the theory is correct before I made the following custom change.

Here is the scenario I have. My customer has a restaurant and prepares breakfast as one of their meals. However, they have another business that offers a premium coffee for upgrade. If the customer chooses the upgrade, I already have it where the modifier adds the extra cost to the order. But then, the restaurant gives $15 to the coffee guy so their cash is off every day. What I want to make sure is the way I want to balance their cash correctly at the end of the day.

  • Create proper accounts
  • Create “New Transaction Type” - Coffee Payout perhaps
  • Create a “Create Account Transaction”
  • Create a Rule to process the transaction before End of Work Period to conduct a transfer of $15 for each qty sold during the day.

Is this about correct in process?

I usually do manual payouts for that. but yes that would work.

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Using Create Account Transaction action to create related account transaction at the time ticket gets paid is also possible. {ORDER TAG TOTAL:X} tag can be used to read total amount of that coffee exists in ticket.

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Is there any real difference between doing it in one transaction at the end of the day instead of by the ticket?

There is no significant difference. You’ll consider which one will work best for you.

That is where I think I’m getting caught up. The syntax and exactly where to put it is another animal I haven’t learned to tame yet.

So in the “Create Account Transaction” I set the {ORDER TAG TOTAL:X} as the value, or as the constraint? Because I somehow need to make sure that only the specific coffee item tricks the transaction.

@emre ,@Jesse in New Zealand most of the super markets and dairy shops even restaurants do cashout which is example: If a customer spend 20dollor and want some cash instead going to ATM add 10 dollor cashout so total transactions is 30 which shows in EFTPOS terminals , and same we need cash less (expense ) it would be good if this tutorial and report posted someone so community will be benifited . may be ticket calculation type …

I thought about going that route as well but it seemed to me the Calculation Types always requires more manual input. I am looking for the system to be more mindless and automatic because of the general mentality of the customers.

And I think it is developed enough, but that I am just too new to the customisation of SambaPOS. I’ve only been working with it for three weeks.

@Theseus Sorry its developed I mean tutorial with report as iam trying to add this to my DB but iam not good of reporting . try petty cash tutorial search petty cash Rick's Tutorial 2 - Petty Cash

It is very simple. First implement the manual method by following @gsreddy’s referenced tutorial. I mean setup it like you can make account transactions manually. After completing it we can automatize it by using actions.

This tutorial about supplier payouts might give an idea as well.

This is a different case. I never recommend doing that as you’ll probably pay income tax for that $10 however local laws might be different. This tutorial might give the idea about a possible solution. Instead of tip you’ll configure a cashout account to track such payments.

Cash out needs to be handled a specific way to ensure taxes etc are handled correctly. I would research that first.

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In our country if you swipe $30 and give $10 back to customer gov may sentence you for lending money illegally. I doubt it is legal in New Zealand so I strongly recommend to ask this to a local accountant.

@emre i will findout with accountant , as per my knowledge the cash u recieved need to deposit in bank ex: 10 dollor u r cash sale for to day so u will deposit tomarrow in bank , if we do cashout with creditcard it directly deposit into our bank so we dont need to deposit again as its not recorded as a sale . so cashout is a deposit basixally reduce u r till cash only diubt is credit card processing fee , for bank debit cards its free transact and credit cards charge percentage but if we have more transactiins we pay less merchant fee thanks again

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I am not having success implementing this. I have followed the process I listed above and don’t seem to be able to get the Order Tag to trigger the Create Account Transaction. I am guessing that I am somehow not using the proper syntax to call the item out as I need to.

I will recap what I have done.

  • Created Account Type >Supplier Accounts
  • Created Account >Coffee Guy
  • Created Transaction Types >Coffee Count and >Coffee Payout
  • Created Actions >Coffee Count, >Coffee Payout
  • Created Rules >Coffee Guy Transaction, >Coffee Guy Payout
  • In the rules I used the condition of the {ORDER TAG:X} with the value of Tony's because the payout to the coffee guy is the same, not based on order total.

For whatever the reason it won’t create the account transaction.

I still haven’t figured how to implement this. Any help?

For what you are trying to do, you will also need an Account Transaction Document.

Think of a Transaction as a piece of paper in an envelope. The envelope is the Tx Doc.

You can create Transactions on the fly within a Ticket, but that Ticket is the Tx Doc (sort of).

Transactions must be part of a Tx Doc. So you need to have a Document Type, and use the action for Create Account Transaction Document, or simply use the Buttons on the Account Screen (the buttons are the Docs).

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