Expenses and Payouts - Method K:Tip Transactions

This will be my first tutorial so if you see any mistakes, formatting or ideas to improve it let me know. My ultimate goal with Accounting is to integrate a full accounting system into SambaPOS so I can virtually all of my business from one system. This tutorial will cover one aspect of how I am building my Accounting and it was based heavily on ideas I got from the tutorial “Expenses and Payouts - Method Q” from QMcKay.

I will start the tutorial and build it over next few days there is a lot I want to put into it.

I am starting with a simple “Tips Payout” function to pay your waiters/employees their tips at the end of the day if you collect them and pay them from the drawer at end of day like I do. It will also track how much each employee is getting in tips.


General Screen showing Tips setup for Paying Out tips: The buttons on right are sorted according to the flow of a typical work period.
Before you deposit your money to bank you have to have tips paid out so Tips button is first.
Before you pay out any suppliers, expenses etc you have to have money deposited to bank so you can write the check (I do not payout expenses from the drawer but in Method-Q it is shown how to setup drawer payouts)

Tips Screen

Document Screen after hitting Payout Tips button:

Wish the day and time can be inserted into the document but as of right now I do not think its possible.

To set up the Tips portion of the Accounting Method you first need to have Tips implemented in your system and it can be found here: How to add tips to ticket
I am writing this assuming you have already setup tips according to the tutorial above.

Create an Account Type called Tip Payouts (Or whatever you want to name it):

Create an Account Screen called Tips Payouts (Or whatever you want to name it):

And Accounts for each employee:

Create two Transaction Types, “Tip Payouts Transaction” and “Tip Payouts Cash Drawer Transaction”:

Tip Payouts Transaction Mapping:

Tip Payouts Cash Drawer Transaction Mapping:

Create a Document Type Tip Payouts:

Select Batch Create:

Dont forget to add your mapping:

Next will be the Deposit to Bank setup:

I use this because I run daily deposits of the Cash to the bank I do not keep a safe over night for security reasons. Exception is weekends it is kept in a safe the only reason being the Bank is closed. This will move money from Cash after Tips paid out into a Bank account. I use “Checking” but you can use your own account.

All expenses are paid from the checking account as I do not pay for expenses out of the drawer for paper trail purposes.

I never saw this screen in my samba…


You will if you enable batch create

no, it did not appear…


The mappings for transaction type have to be setup right for it to work. I listed mine above look at those to see if yours are right.

Hi @Jesse,
I try to add to to sales accounts -> Tip. But I don’t want to go back to tickets and add tip to them. How can I add total tip (credit card only, cash is uncontrolled) to account? Can I do it from account screen?
Thank you,

You can make any type of account transaction you want. Just keep in mind if you do it ONLY from account screen you will not be able to tie it in with a ticket.

Basically you can open the transaction for that ticket and add a line… adding the tip… but it will not show on ticket when you open the ticket.

If you do not mind the fact that it will not show with the ticket if you pull the ticket up… Then yes you can make a transaction in accounting for tips. You should make a transaction in your Payment account and receivables as well to reflect it correctly.

The only way for it to show on the ticket… is to actually do it from the ticket.


In my restaurant, each waiter receives the tip of the ticket he opened and closed (I am limiting one ticket per user). How can I make the tip to be automatically assigned to each waiter?

Hmm interesting question. I have not tried that but I am sure we could figure it out.