Expenses as Products?

Hello World,

Here is my scenerio ; We actually created the Expense system at the account screens but the customer wants every piece of expense at their reports.

And i just dont know how to do this, but i thougt i can create a department and a different menu for expenses(products)
then i made a report sometin like this;

[Satıslar:1, 1]
Giderler Dahil Satışlar|[=F(TN('{REPORT TICKET TOTAL}')-TN('{REPORT TICKET TOTAL:(TEC.Müşteriler.Turu=Patron) or (TEC.Müşteriler.Turu=Personel)} or (TEC.Müşteriler.Turu=Nakit Gider)}'))]
Restoran Satışları|[=F(TN('{REPORT TICKET TOTAL}')-TN('{REPORT TICKET TOTAL:(TEC.Müşteriler.Turu=Patron) or (TEC.Müşteriler.Turu=Personel)}')-TN('{REPORT TICKET TOTAL:(TEC.Giderler.Turu=Nakit Gider) or (TEC.Giderler.Turu=KK Gider) }'))]
Patron Adisyonlari|{REPORT TICKET TOTAL:(TEC.Müşteriler.Turu=Patron) }
Personel Adisyonlari|{REPORT TICKET TOTAL:(TEC.Müşteriler.Turu=Personel) }
>Toplam Adisyonlar|[=F(TN('{REPORT TICKET TOTAL}')-TN('{REPORT TICKET TOTAL:(TEC.Giderler.Turu=Nakit Gider) or (TEC.Giderler.Turu=KK Gider)}'))]

[Harcamalar:1, 1]
Nakit Gider Harcamaları|{REPORT TICKET TOTAL:(TEC.Giderler.Turu=Nakit Gider) }
KK Gider Harcamaları|{REPORT TICKET TOTAL:(TEC.Giderler.Turu=KK Gider) }
>Toplam Giderler|{REPORT TICKET TOTAL:(TEC.Giderler.Turu=Nakit Gider) or (TEC.Giderler.Turu=KK Gider)}

This report works well. But now i need the actual customer desire which is the report expenses one by one.
To do this, i inspired from this :

[Satılan Ürünler (Genel) :5, 2, 2,1]
@{REPORT ORDER DETAILS:O.MenuItemName,O.ExactTotal.Sum.desc:(ODI=True):{0}:,}
>{REPORT ORDER DETAILS:O.MenuItemName,O.Quantity.Sum.desc,O.ExactTotal.Sum.desc:(ODI=True) and O.MenuItemName="$1"}
{REPORT ORDER DETAILS:'     '+[O.PortionName],O.Quantity.Sum.desc,O.ExactTotal.Sum.desc:(ODI=True) and O.MenuItemName="$1":2}

Code Result

And tried something like this :

[Gider Harcamaları :5, 2, 2,1]
@{REPORT ORDER DETAILS:O.MenuItemName,O.ItemGroup,O.ExactTotal.Sum.desc:(ODI=True):{0}:,}
>{REPORT ORDER DETAILS:O.MenuItemName,O.ItemGroup="GIDERLER",O.ExactTotal.Sum.desc:(ODI=True)}

The result is not good :slight_smile: Cuz i actually dont understand this structure.

And i beg you guys, Please dont sen me links like Custom Report Tags in detail this. I need real help here :slight_smile:

How elma çayı can be an expense? You should clarify what you’re trying to do. If you mean to track utility payments like gas, electricity, water, etc… and you want to track them separately you need to create separate accounts for each item in your account plan. If you mean to track inventory purchases a purchase is not an expense. What you pay to supplier is an expense so you also need to track that through supplier accounts. You can map inventory transaction documents to supplier entities and update their account automatically when you purchase an item…

Here we have a related tutorial.


EDIT: Yes, i mean to track utility payments like gas, electricity, water, etc… :slight_smile:

I will look at the tutorial, but yes the elma çayı is not an expense. All the products are normal sales. But There is a product named YAKIT.I created a new department, a new menu, and a menu category which has the same name with the product group name. I thought if we can seperate the product group which is in a different menu and department then we can just report the specified(expense/s ) product group as piece by piece. The product “YAKIT” just a product which is in my new Expenses Menu Category. There are more expense products but i did not sale the others so report shows only “YAKIT” up there.

And yes, even if i achieve this report, my new category will increase the “Default Sales Account” i thought like u said, I need to create a transaction type but when i tried it. The tickets were not closing after adding any order to them. I tried something but i failed. And the inevitable final result, sambaPos stopped working :slight_smile: And there was not somethin like error log so i could not post the problem here. Then i figured out this new solution; lets sale expenses like products, it can inrease the sales but we can simply make a new sales report and i did it like i said top of this post.

Report can work with an entity screen like this:

This will simply give the “[Sales] - [Expenses]” = Real Sales

Repor Code :
>Toplam Adisyonlar|[=F(TN('{REPORT TICKET TOTAL}')-TN('{REPORT TICKET TOTAL:(TEC.Giderler.Turu=Nakit Gider) or (TEC.Giderler.Turu=KK Gider)}'))]

Now my first question is even if this situation is not necessary, i just wonder can we restrict the product sales report as specific product group report ?
Something Like;

Product |Quantity|Price|
Water | 1 | 1$ |
Orange Juice| 5 | 10$ |

Note: We already have this in a basic way. https://forum.sambapos.com/uploads/default/original/3X/5/6/56ae66fcbba8f0bc2978cf3865ddd04883c6b44b.png
But this is looking like can solve our situation if there is a report for all the payouts and expenses.

Customer wants to see the expenses like , today we bought some eggs for us, and hired a man to kill a man which doesn’t like SambaPOS . So the restaurant owner must see this details in the report which will be mailed to her at the end of the Workperiod. I hope i could explain myself here :slight_smile:

@emre The tutorial is not usefull at this point. Can you just tell me how we can create a product report with details ?

I am gonna die alone while w8in here :slight_smile:

Yes, search the forum, I made a grouped product sales report. If you only want a specific group dont use the report expression to get the list of groups to report hard write a comma seperated list in its place…

This isnt going to get people to help you - to be honest it will just annoy people.

This kind of report DOESNT WORK on daily basis. If you buy a tray of egs do you sell exactly a tray of eggs? No, this is why you have a stocktake to have a BF and CF stock valuation and where inventory tracking comes in if your getting to the nitty gritty.

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Yeaa… @JTRTech Thank you man to save me being lonely here :slight_smile:

And yes i understand you it will probably breake something about stocktake then i give up about workin on it.

This( [NEW!] How to use Custom Reports Module 1.0 )
actually fixes the customers request here. At first post i was actually clear but anyway thank you emre :slight_smile: