EXPORT All from the database include products etc

Hi all!

I had a big problem , i made all the tweaks as i wanted to change but the virtual machine is stucked it has some problem and always freez, i want export everything from this pc, but as i see the items products, entites are not in.

How can i do ?

Travel everything from 1pc to anotrher.

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are you using SQL SERVER?

I think backup and restore is the best option.


Yes im using that.
Im try to do that , just never do it before. :slight_smile:

What program are suggest for it?

its really simple, SQL server has a backup agent or service or wizzard…
It will guide you thru backup

To restore

then you just copy the backup file in wherever you want to restore…

when you restore, be sure to click in Relocate all files to folder and select the destination in the new server´s path

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thanks for the advice. i will try to do my best. just download the swl server managemnet stduio. try to figure out how to connect to the db

Trying to conenct with the following:

couse i didnot find anywhere the default data

Better, the SAMBAPOS said it run in SQ mode, and the SQL server Managemnet cannot find the SQL server.

Any idea?

V5 includes database backup module for that.

Just find it! :slight_smile:

Btw, the sql server is not working at all! but i can backup and these are fine.!:slight_smile: