Export/Import Whole Automation without changing accounts/products

I think I have asked before but do we have a way to easily update all automation (buttons, actions and rules) without touching accounts/transactions and products?

:slight_smile: Does import / export touches accounts? Couldn’t understand…

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And I would delete all existing automation before? Have not tried just worried about duplicates say if a rule or action name was claned up or something?
Was thinking maybe a script to clear and then copy over the corresponding tables?
Like backup/restore but not for whole database.

:slight_smile: It depends on what you import to where…For example you may break setup if you overwrite a default rule.

Maybe it is a better idea to give it a go and let us know if you encounter issues.


Any update on this thread?

I assume DB Tools Export/Import does not touch stuff that I do not click, so it should be fair to say it does not touch my daily transactions, sales…

So, what if I want to do the other way around and export/import just the daily transactions, sales…?
Is it just a matter of finding all the related “items” such as “ticket, account”… from the selection and click them correctly?

I am trying to automate these two functions so that the operator can hit an automation button to backup all the transactions/sales and/or hit another button to back up ALL the rules, buttons…

Will the “execute database task” action help? I don’t seem to find a direct action that can control DB Tools.

Importing a DB Tools Export file effectively overwrites anything that what selected when the Export was created. There should be no chance of duplicates, because it overwrites the selected elements, and inserts anything that wasn’t there before. It does not “delete” anything either.

The DB Tools Import/Export can be controlled via Configuration Tasks.

There is an “action type” in Configuration Tasks that prompts you for the same thing as a DB Tools Export (it is the exact same dialog) and takes the items you select and turns them into YAML. The YAML is stored in the Config Task, so if you “execute” the Task, it will perform a DB Tools Import via the YAML.

I don’t think there is such a mechanism to automatically create the Export/YAML though, however…

Configuration Tasks are very powerful and can also do much more… they support JScript and SQL, and have “decision-making” and “validation” mechanisms. IIRC, there is a native Action in Automation (Execute Configuration Task, I believe) that will execute a Config Task, which as you know, could be fired by clicking an Automation Command button.