Expressions Round Up

Is it possible to have expressions always round up to the next whole number?


{SETTING:Test1} = 9
{SETTING:Test2} = 1.75

The result is 5.14 but i need this rounded up to 6


Use JScript ceil() method which always rounds up to nearest integer…

[=F( Math.ceil( TN('{SETTING:Test1}') / TN('{SETTING:Test2}') ) )]

That is fancy… :wink: I use old school

Can you give me tutorial for this method @QMcKay

No offence but have you even attempted the suggestion from your other post or just want everything tutorial-ed out for you in full?
Please appreciate the forum is other users offering help not a support center offering full training at request.
Dont take that the wrong way, just you seem to be asking allot of questions and requests for detailed instructions and seem to not be trying to understand the system just follow what your told.

I am so sorry sir i will be careful next time

You dont have to be sorry, just trying to explain that simply requesting a tutorial is not always going to get you one.
Rounding up completely is a less common request and so has less interest and less demand for the time and effort of making a tutorial. Some things you just have to try and ask for advice when you get stuck.
We give up allot of time supporting the forum to increase our own knolage and sometimes can be enjoyable to help but the expectation of tutorials and full guided help is often off putting as will leave you with less responses.
If you need more direct help you might want to consider posting in add section for direct support.


Where do I put that expression to automatically round?