F(TN()) function not working in POP UPS

in show message the expression [=F(-1*TN('{ACCOUNT BALANCE:Receivables}'))] is working, while in Display Pop UP is not?

I cannot figure this out…



I made some tests and in Display Pop action nothing works except for the {} expression.



This works!!! but the same function in a POPUP does not…

How did you configured popup?

I dont know if we are talking about the same popup… but i did this:

just, instead of {ACCOUNT BALANCE:Receivables} I tried the formula. when I put the formula the popup does not appear at all.



Don’t set Message parameter directly. Instead configure a variable for it and set it within rule just like you’ve configured Show Message action on your previous screen shot.

in show message I have sent the formula directly!!
and the variable I have to call it with {} becuase [] dont work in popup…



@gerlandog sorry I couldn’t understand what you’ve meant by “call with {} because [] don’t work” but you can try this.

  • On Display Popup action type [:Message] as Message Parameter
  • Edit the rule you want to call popup.
  • If there is already show popup action remove it.
  • Add Display Popup action.
  • Insert your formula into Message edit box.
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OK, GREAT!!! THANKS!!! this tought me 2 things

  1. how to use VARIABLES, until today it was really complicated to understand, an now suddendly you cleared it for me

  2. how to pass parameters variables between actions and rules… as 1 was blurry, 2 was non existant!!!



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Now the big question, is there any way to get the sales for the work period, becuase
{ACCOUNT BALANCE:Sales} has the grand total…

Thanks again!!!


@gerlandog trust me automating transactions with work period filtered data will create more issues that it solves. As I’ve explained on our previous discussion such needs should be solved by using additional accounts.

For example.

  1. My Sales account balance is 0 and I’ve made $100 sales in this work period.
  2. On work period end I’ve transferred Sales account balance to Consolidation account.
  3. Sales account balance becomes 0.
  4. On next day I’ve made $50 more sales and Sales account balance becomes $50.
  5. On work period end I’ve transferred $50 from Sales to Consolidation and it again becomes 0.
  6. Consolidation becomes $150 and it always shows my total sales.

I know what you’ll say :slight_smile: Your current Sales account balance is not 0. What you need to do is creating a dummy account (eg Corrections) and transferring current Sales balance.

PS: In fact we’ll have such tags to display work period balances in future versions but I strongly reccomend to follow what I’ve tried to describe. We’ll use them just for reporting needs.

Hi Emre, Are you able to expand on this workflow? I am trying to implement this but no numbers are being moved. :frowning: