Fast food restaurant with SambaPOS?

Hello everyone!

I´d love you guys could help me with some questions below.

I´m about opening a fast food restaurant and i´d like to use the software SambaPOS since it´s cheaper for me that if i buy one, however the features of it aren´t enough and i wanna add some other characteristics.

My restaurant is gonna be an italian one and we´re offering diffrent kind of pasta so that i´d like the software can give the option of choose between all of them like for example:

*Choose between the 4 types of cheese
*Choose between the 8 types of sauce

  • Big or small?

Plus the software give me the option of choosing tables but due it´s gonna be a fast food one i dont need this option, how can i remove it?

What can i do? do i need help with another software?

Thank you very much , i´m gonna really appreciate your help!

SambaPOS can do anything pretty much. You have the ability to do all of those things plus some. Take advantage of the Search function and take a look inside the tutorials section of the forum.


i can set this up for you easily

Setting up product modifiers

Even more modifier related features.

Enabling Fast Food mode.

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