Fast Pay Buttons not closing ticket?

Hi all,

I have an issue when completing an order (Closing tickets) using the fast pay buttons I have created using the tutorial.

If I use the exact cash button - the ticket is paid, throws an ‘ask message’ question that I’ve set and then it exits to the screen I was on before - list of pending tickets not yet paid.

However if I use a £5/£10/£20 button - the ticket is paid, the message is thrown up as normal but then instead of closing the ticket it begins a new ticket. The close button does not respond and the only way out of this is to select main menu followed by POS to get back to the customer entity screen.

I have checked and double checked all my rules and despite the close ticket action is there it fails to operate.

Any suggestions on where to go from here?

it appears that it is running a create ticket command instead of the close ticket command - but only when using the fast pay buttons that have values.



Refresh / Display Ticket actions may display Ticket Screen if not called at the right time (for example after closing ticket)

I created a new department and that seems to have fixed the issues I was having, only now I have a department that I no longer need - is there any way of removing it? It currently states it cannot be deleted as it is being used by a ticket - after researching the forum I see tickets are not easily removed.

Or is there any way of removing it from navigation along the bottom of the screen?