Files in sambapos file


Noticed some files generated in sambapos folder, like:


are they save to remove?

Thanks :slight_smile:

why would you want to remove them?

Hi Kendash,

thanks for your reply, they just looked a bit random and just appeared today! I was wondering if they served any purpose?

they wouldn’t be there if they didn’t serve a purpose.


These files stores layouts for screens but I agree to @Jesse. You shouldn’t delete files just because they appeared random to you :wink: As you keep using SambaPOS you’ll have more files like that.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile: I won’t! Are they just temp files? I’m just wondering what I need to take a backup of?

They are not temp you probably made some changes to a visual layout of a screen. For example the Customer Selection Entity Screen… if you hover your mouse on the line between Name and PHone it will let you drag the column for PHone changing its width. When you exit the screen it saves that change in one of those .dat files.

You would not need to back these up unless you want to specifically save that layout.

Ah ok, makes sense!

I’ve got these:


They don’t look particularly important, from what I can see they were generated for reporting purposes, and are safe to not back up, is that correct?

Hey! Can anyone shed any light on them, just so I know whether to backup or not :slight_smile:

We did. They are lay out files. They will not impact your database or how it runs.

As always, very grateful for your assistance :slight_smile: But they don’t store any actual data do they? Just trying to make a backup and restore plan :slight_smile:

they are not database files. They are simply layout files. Again you would not lose any data.

Thanks, and sorry to digress, but I’m just a bit lost, I’m sure I read you can set a rule to run at certain times of the day or days of the week but I can’t see to find how to do this, can you point me in the right direction please?

You can use rule conditions but would still need to be triggered by an event available in the list - but will only act if the time is correct OR you can use a trigger and bast the rule on the trigger event on a rule.
Suitability would depend on what you plan for the outcome but that’s two options for you.
The rule constraints are detailed in one of the happy hour tutorials and search for triggers for more info on those.

You can also simply set it to backup on every Work Period close which is an option of the Settings portion of the module no rules to setup for that.