Filter order tags on the ticket template

Sorry for another question on ticket templates. Tickets are my project for today

Is it possible to filter order tags based on the tag price

I want our receipts to print only those order tags that affect the price and not print those tags with a zero price

Thanks as usual for any help given


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If you out square brackets [ ] around the part of your template (the whole line) for order tag price it will only print on the receipt if there is a value. Anything with zero value wont print


Thats a nice trick :smile: is that including the formatting tag ?

Yep including the formatting tag, it’s quite good if using a ticket template with different things such as payment types as you can hide the credit card details bit when paying by cash

I also use it for my order tags when discounting as I have it setup to select a reason for the discount and add that as an order tag as well as the price so this “hides” my text that says Discount Reason and Discount Amount when there is no discount applied

It’s a good little tip :slight_smile:


Thanks Rick

That works great. Excellent tip. Perhaps it needs to be added to the Printer Template Formatting tutorial as a FYI.

No more “Not too spicy” tags added to my receipt :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:



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