Filter orders listed in Ticket Lister by Ticket Tag

I’ve been trying to use {TICKET TAG:Order Type}=Dine In to filter the orders displayed in my Ticket Lister to only the orders with the ticket tag name of Order Type set to Dine In. I will also have two other ticket listers each with respective Delivery and Take Out order types. Here is a screen shot of my most recent attempt.

Thanks in advance for the help.

You need to quote both sides, and use double-equal to test conditions. Try this:

'{TICKET TAG:Order Type}'=='Dine In'

… or this:

'{TICKET TAG:Order Type}' is 'Dine In'

I don’t have it available but the syntax is different here. I referenced it in some of my screenshots for my ticket lister setup.

I’m not in a spot to research and find the post but you need different syntax.

That did not work either. I should have known to quote both sides. I was wondering if Order Filter is the correct field to put this?

Here is th post @Jesse is talking about…

According to that, either of these should work for Ticket Tag in the Filter:

[t:Order Type] is "Dine In"
GetTagValue("Order Type") is "Dine In"

Awesome! Thanks guys!
GetTagValue("Order Type") is "Dine In" worked great in the Filter field.

How to filter ENTITY NAME:Table. If i want only show table 01 order, how to do? I use

‘{ENTITY NAME:Table}’ == ‘01’


‘{ENTITY NAME:Table}’ is ‘01’

not work.

Don’t really understand what you try to achieve.
You use table entity. Don’t you have Floor Plan Screen or Table list?
If you want to see info for tables, I think this is much better Changing Table Button Captions

I have 7 tables, each table have own terminal, each terminal have own Entity screen, customer can place their order (self service) and view their order, see pic…

so, ticket listener need table filter for their own table.

I’m not sure if you can use terminal id as filter but there is department id Help with Ticket Lister filter DepartmentId

TerminalId is 1

not work…
and i use

EntitieId is 1

not work too…

If i want to filter the widget with an ticket type, i have Pickup Ticket and Delivery Ticket.

Can you please tell me the syntax.


QMcKay is no longer with us. But try TicketType is “Pickup Ticket”

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Hi Jesse,

That didn’t work, please see attached.

I appreciate your help

I am not sure what I should be looking at. I have looked at the database structure many many times. Is there something specific you want to show me?

Maybe try TicketType is “4” or TicketTypeId is “4” or TicketType == “4” or TicketTypeId == “4” or TicketTypeId == ‘4’ i really dont have an answer for you. You just need to try a few things or search forum see if someone solved it.

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Thanks Jesse, this worked putting

TicketTypeId is 4

in Filter, not order filter.

Much appreciated

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