Filter status order in the kitchen display

I should filter the order status on the kitchen display.
I have products that go “before” “after” and “in”
I would like to filter them in the kitchen display in various columns.
How can I do?
I attach photos

You can use “Order State” filter on Ticket Lister widget settings.

I tried with {ORDER STATE:Marcia} = “Prima” however, it does not seem to be the correct syntax

Just type Prima in it remove all the other stuff. If you want more than one then comma seperate them.

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and if I wanted to filter the combination of two order states?
example “pizza” and “before” displays them in a tab, “pizza” and “after” in another tab

Then create another ticket lister and use after state.

To filter two states on same lister comma seperate them like I said above. Example pizza,before


then, I have to filter only the pizzas, but then in 2 liter I have to further filter the pizzas that go “before” and the pizzas that go “after”

So type pizza,before in one ticket lister and in the other type pizza,after did you not understand what I said above because I Just repeated it.

I tried as you said but the pizzas are not filtered but all are displayed.
I attach screen


Don’t leave a space after Prima because that isn’t the same as your order tag which presumeably doesn’t have a space, it should be comma separated with no spaces as kendash showed you

Prima,Pizza is not the same as Prima ,Pizza

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Also check you rule that adds the order state and ensure it is exactly the same, eg all capital letters, all lower case letters, capital at the start and then lower case. Pretty sure it needs to be exactly as the state is that is added so:


are all different so it will only display the one that matches your rule where the state is added

The reason it lists them all at the moment is that they all have Pizza in their state and because you left a space after Prima that state doesn’t exist so it shows you all that’s have Pizza as a state

In addition to “Order State” setting you can use “Order Filter” setting to add more filters. You can type state names or printer tag expressions there.

So try entering Prima,Pizza to Order State and entering just Prima to “Order Filter”.


I tried with filters, now everything works! thank you