Filtering ticket by order tag

Hi Guys, sorry if this has been duplicated from another thread, I can;t seam to get this to work no matter what i try. I have created some Order tags. I would like to print out a ticket that only includes items that have a specific tag but listing all the tags on that item.

So Example: Customer orders 2 Pints of fosters one of wich is tagged with “Interval order”

they order 1 Coke and one J20. The J20 is tagged with “Interval order” and “ICE”

I would Like a ticket to print

1 Fosters

1 J20


So the first pint is not on the slip as its not tagged with Interval order…

Thanks in advance guys

I have not tried it but there is order tag name and value fields in the print job action.

You would have to give a more expanded explanation of the work flow if you wanting a suggestion of where to add the action but you will want to either use existing template or create a new one, make a new print job mapping the products and set printer and template.
Then make a new print job action selecting the new print job name
Order state on default kitchen rule looks for new state only, but this would depend on where you intend to put the action in the work flow.
if you dropped it in on the close ticket rule just before or right after the default kitchen order action you could pretty much duplicate the kitchen order print job action settings exc the job name and just add the tag in the field.

This would depend on how many different tags your looking to do.
If its just the individual tag you mentions that should be enough.
If your wanting to do other tags you might need to rework a bit.

Hi There, thank you JTRTech. I have already set up a print job, a template and action etc. However the problem i have is that all the lines print on the ticket, I only want ones that have been tagged…

So at the moment the ticket prints, but it either prints all items (with their tag) or Just the tagged items (without the rest of their tags)

So I think essentially what I’m after is the correct syntax to modify [ORDERS] In the printer template to just include interval drinks…

I have tried all sorts [ORDERS:ORDER TAG:Interval Drink] but this then will not print any lines…

Sorry if this doesn’t make sense?

Thank you sorted just the way i wanted it -) didn;t notice you could put parameters into the print job action -) just put them in there and all is good, thank you so much. -)