FingerPrint Reader

Is it possible to login into our samba application through FingerPrint Reader Hardware (Hardware already exposed API or they have the Sample Code) ?

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Any idea for this ?

if you can program it to output like a keyboard you could. I dont know how those work or if thats even possible.

What I mean is if you can program it so it outputs text like a keyboard and you just program a pin for each user… it might work. But i doubt you can program those to behave like that.

@Jesse With the Timetrex integration is it possible now?

@Jesse Or am I wrong? I don´t see an easy option for fingerprint in Timetrex…

@dcarey, it would depend on how you are able to configure the Finger Print Reader. It is not the responsibility of the Application - it can only accept input in certain forms. In the case of SambaPOS, the reader would need to translate a finger print into some type of text, such as the User PIN.

Ultimately, the answer to your question is: Maybe. What forms of output can the reader provide? Can the finger print be translated to Text? If so, yes, it would work. But that is up to the Driver of the reader to do the translation/mapping. It is no different than a Mag Card in this regard. That’s the way you need to think about it.

Ok. Thanks.

I will check the fingerprint readers and I will let you know.

TimeTrex supports biometric time clock machines but its a specific model sold through them. But like we mentioned if it can output text you can get that to work as well.

Even if you can get the fingerprint reader to output text, the number will never be hidden, so anybody will be able to just type in this number (instead of actually using their finger on the reader). So for authentication it would be useless. For example to use it for a time clock, staff would still be able to clock each other in and out.

I agree the benefit of it would be lost. If he is just seeking convenience then it might work but even then it would not be the most economical

If the PIN is streamed into a clear-text field for sure it would be useless.

For HTML, it’s as simple as marking the input field as “password” and the text will be masked (hidden).

For SambaPOS, we currently do not have the capability to flag an input as “password”, but it could probably be added by @emre. The SambaPOS Login Screen is masked already, so I doubt it would be difficult to have a flag/checkbox for other types of input to mask the text.

The only problem with that is that you can simply use the scanner when you’re in any other field (which is not password type), which would reveal the number. If you could find a way to only enable the scanner to work in this one particular field, then it could work.