Firewall blocking all sambapos comms

I know this is not a SAMBAPOS question, but perhaps someone has more experience than me. I am currently using WINDOWS DEFENDER firewall. Sambapos comunication messenger has two rules so it can work, but when firewall is activated samba does not work in a network. As soon as I deactivate the firewall, ZAS… both computers run samba nicely, and I configured everything to work with one SQL database…

IDEAS are wellcome!!! I dont know where to start.


SQL Server uses dynamic ports which makes it hard to run over networks that have firewalls running.
Are the computers on the same network?
Can you describe the setup in more detail?

Hey @JohnS, nice to read you…

The computers are bothin the same network, what details do you need?

Server, runnng sql, windows 8.1 samba 4.1.17, windows defender and windows firewall, message server from samba rup and running as soon as computer starts.

networked computer, windows 7, samba 4.1.17, windows defender and windows firewall.


If they are on the same network you don’t need firewalls running.
As long as your wifi is secure and your internet modem has a firewall you are safe. No one can get in without you letting them in.

thats my problem… internet moedem has a firewall??? jajajajajaj, i dont know…


What is the make and model of your internet modem?

I have two, because cashier computers go from home to work everyday…
on is a TP-LINK WR842ND and the other is a D-LINK DIR600.


Yes, they both have firewalls that will be active on the Internet Ports of the modems.
Are all the computers at the same site ?
Why do you have 2 Wifi Modems ?

I have a DIR600 at home, and the TP LINK at work…
I made such a thing becuase both computers DONT stay at work, they come and go with us.

If both have firewalls… that means that i can deactivate widnows firewall… I think I managed to deactivate widnows firewall for the internal network…