Fixed combo problem

I searched about combo under this site, but still can’t find any solution about my question .

I like to setup a fixed combo(no choice for customer), just need one bottom.
Example :

"LUNCH " <------bottom

$68 set lunch for 2
Day of soup
One steak
One salmon
2 coffee

So I just need to click the LUNCH bottom then everything will list and then I can send it to the kitchen printer in one paper

How can I set it?

Order tag is only work on the combo which give customer selection, but I need a button for a set combo to click on it and send to the kitchen

This is wrong. You can do much more with order tags including what your requesting.

@kendash, can you show in screenshot about this, many thanks

Methods to achieve this were mentioned in the tutorial @pizzaeilat4 linked above. That tutorial should give you a good base to build your own setup. It is not meant to follow exact.

I got it
But how can I do more than one item?
Chicken Caesar

  • cheese
  • tomato
  • ham

Look at this part of the tutorial. To add more than one just separate them with a comma example:

Pesto,Cheese,Long John,Olives

Big big thanks