Fixed discount enabler

I would like to add a discount option like
When work period started system should ask discount percentage , and that rate should be applied for all ticket during that work period.

So I tried something

  1. Added ask a question action to ask the discount rate of work period.
  2. Added a rule for executing the ask action when work period started.
    3.Added an action to apply the discount amount to the ticket total.
    4.Added a rule to apply discount action when ticket is created.

Now I need to get the value from ask question action to the apply discount action.
I am thinking of storing that ask question value and using it on apply discount action,

How to do this?
Is there any alternate way to achieve this?
I don’t want to play with price level.

Store the selected value from the Ask Question action in a Program Setting with isLocal=False (stores it to the Database so all Terminals can get the value) using an Update Program Setting Action, and use that setting to assign the Amount to an Update Ticket Calculation Action with {SETTING:settingName}.

Perfect, I tried as you said it’s working exactly as I want.
Added one more rule for asking discount while starting work period.
And extra automation and actions for changing the discount later on purose.
Thank you very much…