Fixed Price Change for Order Total (Order Tag Included)

So im setting up a pizzeria and they deal with alot of price changes based on customers.

So I have a Large Pizza with order tag (pepperoni - Charges $1 extra). Say I have 2 of these items and have promotion for 15.99 total.

I got the change price working but I have to do it one by one and divide the 15.99 in half and then subtract the order tag price and apply that price to each item manually. Right now when I change the price its always $1 higher then defined since the order tag is still charging and the price change is only changing the base unit price.

Is there anyway I can select both items and only write fixed total promotion price once to charge for the whole promotion total including both large pizzas selected with 1 topping each.

I think something like this.

Same idea, {TICKET QUANTITY SUM:X} >=2 than give fix amount discount.

I checked that out but none on there use priced order tags.

My problem is the price change is only doing it for the base unit price of the item so the order tag is charging on top of the promotion price, I dont want that.


Do you know of a possible solution on this for me?

You could set your order Tags to add price to Order.

@kendash I already do but still having the issue where change price only changes base unit price so whatever worker types for new price its always more since ordertags are charging.

@emre Also is it possible to type in new price once and apply it to multiple items. This can be beneficial when giving promotions.

Why change the price why not set the price for large pizza with 1 topping and then extra/add ons use order tag price.

You can use portion for included topping. Or use order tag with no price.

Similar to what @sukasem suggested, that can be just a portion named like Double Large. Very easy to operate, it can have it’s own recipe (recipes for promotions may change slightly) and that will be reported separately.

Double Large is easy to setup but maybe kitchen will not familiar with that I guess.

@Hasa, I still don’t understand why you only want to divide the price in half. It should be discount when buying a group of 2. Just setup calculate type BuyOneGetOne Large Pizza discount Round Down QTY/2 * $16.99.


We have options to add custom product tags that defines preparation details. Also as I’ve demonstrated on logging tutorial we can process orders depending on previously added order. There might be lots of additional implementation possibilities by using scripting, etc… However easiest for operator will always be the best choice. That’s why I’ve suggested it.