Fml... Just upgraded to win10 and POS Printer isn't compatible

4 of them!!

They are USB printers, but they have SERIAL too…

Whats the chances of getting them to work via serial instead?


Will all be down to drivers.
Not sure if there is a comparability model for drivers like there is for apps…

Im so bloody annoyed I’ve spend since last night getting windows 10 on these and working with a server…

They also have network cable, still works on drivers?


Yes but I would look into that as think is serial specific.

Domestic use wise serial is being phased out… It has its place but majority of users won’t even know what serial is for.
I would look at switching to network, network isn’t going anywhere.

I normally use USB…

Oh man, I’m stuck… I just spent £200 of someone else money and I cant do anything with them :frowning:

Don’t give up hope, driver comparability was an issue in win7 too, if they have network switch to that.

i just tried but it couldnt see it, let me see how to do it in the destructions

What is the model of the Printer?

If it worked in 7, it should work in 8 and in 10. You might need to run them in compatibility mode, but they should work.

Its one of them cheap Chinese ones, Hug Flight ZJ-8220

I just went back to the sellers page on eBay and he has answered someone saying they are not compatible with windows 10…

He had broken english, but thats the gist of what he said.

Im just playing now to see if I can get it to work…


I ran compatibility settings and it suggested i tried W7, then after installing it said that it wasn’t installed properly.

There is a printer there in unknown devices called USBPOSPrinter but it won’t work.

I have a manual install folder but I’m sure that’ll make no difference.



There is step by step instructions on how to manually install to Windows 8. I just did the same but obviously Windows 10. The installation disk has a windows 8 install button. Add to that the seller saying its not compatible threw me!

Anyway, I’m sort of relieved now… WHEW!!