Food Market Store Integration for samba


A good friend of mine is opening up a a Food market store and id like to help him out with a system if its going to be possible with samba. Im going to touch base with his expectations on friday and I will update the post but does anyone here have any past experience with this?

How would the tickets work. Would you just click new order and insert the items then it wouldn’t allow you to exit until its paid?

Also could I scan the barcode on a item and have it add it to the order?

What about handling custom meat sales?

You can enable barcodes and it will run like a regular retail shop pos. I use it this way.

You can use a scale that can print weight barcodes.

… or you can use a digital scale

What do you think about the CAS LP1000N?

So how does this barcode method work exactly? The Scale prints a barcode with the item barcode id and the scale weight embedded then that barcode is scanned in samba in which detects the item id in the barcode as ex. NY Steak and then also detects the weight embedded in the barcode. So this would all be very easy for the employees. The employees at the register would just scan the barcode and they could continue to the next item right? They wouldn’t have to manually enter anything?