Force to Select Entity

my team keep forgetting to ask our restaurant customers if they are also our hotel guests so they can keep on their tab and so many times at closing time we don’t know which table to assign to which bungalow… :confused:

so i want to force my team to choose customer entity when they creating new ticket,

so i create:

New Auto Command :Select Bungalow

New rule:
When entity change > Ask generic question
question: Bungalow customer?
Buttons: Yes=Select Bungalow,No
Auto commend: elect Bungalow

New Action: Select Bungalow When Table open
Action type: Change Ticket Entity
Entity type :Customers
Entity Screen: Bungalows

New Rule: Select Bungalow When Table open
custom contains:
ACE name:Select Bungalow
Command Value : Yes
Action:Select Bungalow When Table open

so now when i open table i get the ask question pop up
but when i click yes nothing happening,

What do i miss?
how do i force the select bungalow command?
Thank you

Ask question Rule

Select bungalow command

Change entity action

2 Rule to force select bungalow action

open table screen

I think you should use another question action after they press Yes and make buttons for every bungalow that you have.

After that use Change Ticket Entity action and pass Entity Name as [:CommandValue]

P.S. Welcome back! :slight_smile:

your genius!

but i still haven’t totally figure it out,
i didn’t managed to force the "Select bungalow"Command
to work only when clicking yes

so i over it by adding value that not exists in my entity’s so it’s working,
"but i’m still wondering how to force the commend by clicking yes.


P.S. thank you!
i’ll reply you soon on FB

This is what i did

but still want to understand that

To clarifiy - Buttons are basically command values.

So what you want to happen if the first question results in No to open order screen. In this case you constrain only the Yes.

There are few ways of doing it but this is the easiest one.

In your rule you add Action called Execute Automation command after the first question and remove the second. First row of that action type in Select Bungalow AC

Then create another rule. Name it Select Bungalow AC
Event: Automation Command Executed

Constraints Matches All:
Automation Name - Equals - Select Bungalow AC
Command Value - Equals - Yes

Here add your bungalow question and select bungalow action and pass Entity Name as command value.

Thank you :pray:

See you today :slight_smile:

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