Forum Campaign for Time Clock and Credit Card Module

I have been using SambaPOS v4 for eight months now and I am happy to report that it has been working flawlessly. In the last eight months, I have seen SambaPOS features grow exponentially.

Integrated Time Clock and Credit Card processing are the only features that SambaPOS lacks. These two features are a necessity for US market. Credit Card transactions account for 70-80% of our business and using an external Credit Card terminal is very slow compared to an integrated Credit Card module.

I would like to start a donation campaign pledge to determine our community interest and see if it is feasible for SambaPOS team to build a Time Clock and Credit Card module.

If you are interested, please provide and pledge amount and your country where you use SambaPOS.

I am personally pledging $1000 to SambaPOS team to develop these modules.

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Just curious. How is everyone handling credit cards? Especially, high volume locations.

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We ring up sale as Credit Card and then run it through the CC machine.


We ring the sales as CC and run it through CC terminal, but it is very slow process.

I was wondering if anyone from community has integrated CC in their setups.

Sorry I meant to say We. I fixed it. Right now its not possible for integrated system but I think Samba may be close to supporting it. I mean its already got some underlying foundation for it.

In your personal opinion. Do you think, it is extremely hard to implement and integrated solution. Thanks for your help.

Its coming. It requires more than the solutions we see typically so we just have to be patient. Its not just Samba involved to get it working. Its also something that has to be right from start.

How about just cable to connect to credit card machine? I see a lot of cash registers are connected to credit card machine.


Not sure how to implement it. Any ideas? Thanks

Its not as easy as just using a cable. There are a lot of factors involved in these things most of them are security and data protection.

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Actually, It just imitate key press like normally we have to do it manually. I know I think it depends on card service provider software. But if they allow usb keyboard type input kind of thing.

I think its a bit more complex than that. It would have to protect the data on both ends. I am not sure what all is involved.

OK let me give some details about CC processing.

In fact CC integration is technically very easy. All processors have a web API to integrate their services. However these services are designed to integrate to websites. HTTPS protocol solves most security issues. But when we use same mechanism for a local POS solution that won’t be PCI Compliant. That means restaurant will be responsible from frauds, misuses, etc… To be able to make it PCI compliant we need a solution that we don’t read CC data. There are two solutions.

One of them is using Encrypted Readers. These readers encrypts CC data so from SambaPOS side we can safely read that data into memory and send it to CC processor. However for this solution you need to purchase an encrypted CC reader from that CC processor and we need to specifically implement an integration for that model of reader hardware. Using OPOS supported readers is a solution but not all processors supports these hardware.

The other one is using web based processing. When you click Credit Card payment button we display Processor’s hosted web page that specifically designed for POS processing task and you process CC through that page. As it works behind HTTPS it solves security issue. I know only one CC processor who supports this solution and I was about to release an integration solution… However I’ve read terrible reviews about that company and I’ve decided to investigate it more.

Also some well known processors does not allow tip adjustments for their generic integration services. As we need to change amount after provisioning we don’t have too much alternatives.

So instead of joining online developer programs we’ve decided to contact these companies in real life to talk about our options. Doing such things from our country is a little tough issue for us but we made some connections and talked about that. Issues we’re facing is not only technical. We also need to solve some business related issues.

I’m closely searching for the best solution for SambaPOS users and we have A,B,C plans including launching our SambaPay server that works like a gateway from SambaPOS to your CC processor. We’ll solve that.


For me here in Canada, process thru website is way higher fee then process via Credit card terminal which is using chip & pin technology. That why I think if it can just connect to Credit Card terminal and just simulate key press like we do manually would be cheaper. If I want to do online, I think PayPal rate is not much higher than web process.

Right now using credit card terminal my rate about 2%, It will be over 3 if I do online web payment

I think that X-charge is pretty popular here in the US for windows software CC processing but I hear they have bad contracting terms and prices.

My personal opinion would be to buy a separate Verifone** (best brand) CC machine and have it interact with SambaPOS. This way we wouldn’t have to ever worry about security. I personally see alot of restaurants scared about CC security. I even had a client that wouldn’t let me link his CC machine through a network cable instead of a phone line because he didn’t want it network operated. Anyways here in the US, all of the largest department stores use the verisign CC machines separate from the POS and I really love that method. @emre

What do you mean by Verisign CC machine? Many of the Large US corporations and Department stores etc use Custom Payment Processors with Custom solutions.

Im sorry typo verifone. The machine you sign into is always a verifone. From what I seen its a separate machine in which receives payment info from the pos.

The card readers are separate machines too… The software is what is driving those machines. Large corporations and department stores use custom POS solutions that drive those machines. The machines them self typically are not handling the payment processing… its a custom solution built specifically for them. Verifone may be the contracted company that built it… so you will see their name on it.

Oh okay. Anyways for Samba I think a verifone would work well for some situations where the customers come up to the register to pay the bill.


Thank you very much for this update. This is exciting news. CC processing is very “dirty” business in US. They promise something and give you something else. At least, this is my experience with CC processors.

I would say, choose wisely and try to have an solution where we can change CC processors if we are not happy with said provider.

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