Found something for combos

Ok I found a way to add products for combos.
Actions - > Add order
rules -> Order added to ticket.

but my issue is that when it is added its priced zero or a dash (-) to be precise.
Samba wont let me settle the bill with 0 priced items. is there a way to bypass it?
any help would be great. also if anyone knows how i can make half and half toppings on a pizza other than making group tags and having six options for each topping. thanks again.

Create a product called: Custom Half Pizza

Create Two Order Orders Tags 1st Half Topping and 2nd Half Topping

Add your sub tags of possible toppings to each order tag. Map these order tags to your above product.

Give this a try. You set the Pizza sizes as portions in your product i.e small medium large and set a basic price for each.

Thanks for your quick reply.
first i wanna say i found the answer to combo problem. in Actions -> Add Order -> Price Calculation = False solved the issue.

and secondly

i have tried that and if i name them same thing for example. pep on first tag and pep on second tag.
it interferes with the same name tags. the only way its possible is if i name them first half pep. second half pep. etc (the names are different). also i wanna mention we have some mixed cuisine so the topping list is little big. by setting those toppings its going to become a huge list at the end. and a nightmare finding and scrolling which wont be very efficient.
i was just wondering if there was a clean solution. thanks for the idea though if all else fail ill have to succumb to this.

Why not have a product called ‘Pizza Half n Half’. Add your portion sizes and order tags. Yes, it’s made as the one pizza, and you will have 2 products listed, but you don’t need to double up on order tags.

Actually thats a good idea. Im going to try that. Thanks

Instead of using portions, you could just add a product for each size
Pizza Half n Half Small
Pizza Half n Half Large

Set a rule so when you select one, it adds another pizza half n half pizza of the same size, then you only need to add the toppings.

I was thinking same thing but t istead of making half small. I will probably make one a product called second half. Because i have 5 pizza sizes which will get messy. But like you said i will try to make an action command to automatically add product second half when half and half is selected from order tags… To me this seems like the best solution. Thanks for your help. Before you told me i was thinking of making twice the amount of toppings but this is alot better.